How did poker become a massive TV event?
September 21, 2020

How did poker become a massive TV event?

By admin

Over the years, poker has become a TV phenomenon. Many people have made and lost fortunes playing the game, whether through tournaments or even via a handful of private games and tables. What’s fascinating about the rise of poker across the globeis how quickly it became a spectator sport.

Whether you play poker just for enjoyment at a top NJ online casino, or if you are a budding pro yourself, you may well have caught a few hands on the odd late-night TV slot. But how did TV poker take off in the first place? Why is it such a big deal?

Back to the 90s

 Believe it or not, the genesis of TV poker goes back to the end of the 1990s. It was around that time when players first had the ability to film themselves. That came about thanks to the rise of the pocket camera, or cameras which could be mounted to tables. Viewers were then able to tune in and see what cards players were holding in their hands. This interesting view on things meant that only the player – and an audience of potential millions – could see the hands!

We mainly have the inventor Henry Orenstein to thank for the pocket and table cams and thedevelopmentsthat followed.

The Dawn of WPT

 World Poker Tour was the first big TV brand to capitalize on late night poker TV. Specifically, it turned things into a televised sporting event. People could now tune in to catch the latest poker action with commentary and punditry.

WPT was only the beginning. As you can see from the current poker entertainment landscape, there is more choice in poker TV and online tournaments than ever before. That is because investment into the televised games grew over the years following WPT, and in the dawn of the streaming age, it became easier for people to tune in and check out the odd game of poker.

Why wouldn’tit be televised?

 Poker is an intense game that relies on more than just luck. Even if you don’t have the perfect hand, you can still turn things around. Seeing all the players’ hands of cards and watching the drama and intrigue unfold is seriously nail-biting at times.

That’s why the idea of launching poker on TV was so lucrative. It was an untapped market for a spectacle which no one had considered before. Thanks to the rise of poker entertainment, the game has expanded even further, with colossal prize pots and tournaments opening up worldwide.

If a poker event gets a TV slot, you will surely know that it’s a big one. The TV poker scene has created some prominent characters and major stars andhas made fortunes for some.

Have you never watched poker on TV before? Why not give it a go? It’s not only great fun to watch; you might even pick up some tips.