Play French roulette game in
September 2, 2020

Play French roulette game in

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Roulette game was invented in France by a mathematician in the middle of 17th century, and gradually the variants of the roulette game were developed by the French and American. You can play the roulette game in the site, which is the famous website for playing the French roulette. This popular casino site is being offered in many countries and in many languages as well. This site even has the roulette calculator tool and of course you can easily calculate the odds of the game using this advanced tool.

How to play the French roulette?

This game starts with the players choosing the number they want to bet from the rotating wheel (usually has 0 to 36). They player can just choose a simple number, all the even or odd numbers, all the red or black numbers or the continuous numbers from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36. Plus, the player could also make the bets by the combination of several numbers as well. Then the dealer starts to spin the roulette wheel and throws the ball in the wheel, when the wheel is about to stop it announces as “no more”, which means no bets can be placed further and must wait for the next round. Once the roulette wheel will get stop and the ball lands on the number, the bets are then split and again a new spin begins.

The odds and the pay based on the bet:

  • Direct: Probability – 2.70%; pay – 35:1.
  • Row: Probability – 8.10%; pay – 11:1.
  • Corner: Probability – 10.80%; pay – 8:1.
  • Double: Probability – 16.20%; pay – 5.1.
  • Columns: Probability – 32.40%; pay – 2:1
  • Dozens: Probability – 32.40%; pay – 2:1
  • Evens odds: Probability – 48.60%; pay – 1.1
  • Red / black: Probability – 48.60%; pay – 1.1.
  • High Low: Probability – 48.60%; pay – 1.1.